Video Production Best Done in Odisha by OL Digital

Video Production Best Done in Odisha by OL Digital


Video Production: A Brief Intro 

Video is a very powerful tool to drive your message across your target audience. The visual medium is a gift of science to mankind which has enabled people the world over to see what is happening in and around the globe even if it happens a thousand miles away. From an average mobile phone user to big banner producers and multinational corporations, everyone uses video for driving home their point. Video can be used to entertain, educate, teach and train persons, initiate social change and make generations come together through a single platform, that is how influential the reach of video is.

Videos of different genres are being made these days and each genre helps in a particular way of storytelling and thus is unique to the client and the service being advertised/propagated and popularised through the video. The company OL Digital provides cost effective as well as high end Video production facilities and video production services for various clients. The company has a long list of trust and an enviable clientele to vouch for the impeccable quality of work done over the years in the field of quality video production. 

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Video Production & Importance of the Visual Medium

Over the past few years, video has risen into popularity across the globe. You see it everywhere – on television, social media, text messages, billboards, online advertisements, and even restaurant menus. Additionally, the importance of video marketing has never been greater. More companies are launching video marketing campaigns and more small businesses are achieving success because of it.

Video/AV Production

Video production also called Audio Visual (AV) production is an intricate process involving lots of creative and intellectual inputs. Right from the idea to execution and post production, a slew of aspects is to be kept in mind. There is the idea, the script and the story to be told. Then the location, technology, medium and budget has to be worked upon. Finally, you need good actors and an efficient post production and promotion crew to produce and then market your video to its optimum potential. That is where professionals like OL Digital come to the picture for all your A to Z Video Production needs.

Video Production: How video content drives Business?

In order to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with today’s fast paced world, many businesses are using video as part of their promotional strategies. The use of video offers several advantages for a business. Using video technology creates a more personal interaction between a business and its customers. The combination of both visual images and sounds is a proven strategy to gain your audience’s attention. It is much easier for a person to click on a video link then it is for them to read a page of text.

It’s become clear just by looking at elementary stats, that brands have determined that the future of business lies within visual content marketing. Just to give you an idea of the numbers, a user’s positive experience with a video ad increases their purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. Today people want fast and easy information, and video allows them to have that experience. Search engines now offer video as part of integrated search results. Below are the popular video production categories listed.

Video Production: Corporate Films 

Marketing and promotion of the company have become two important factors for a company to succeed in the modern era. If you have a good product or offer an incomparable service, but you can’t inform your potential customers then your product or service is as good as that does not exist.

Corporate films are an excellent way to promote your business through Internet and television. A corporate film can feature your new product or simply insight into what makes your business. The best thing about a corporate film is its simplicity and flexibility. You can use as a TV advertising or present at your annual meeting. You can even choose to present at a business meeting at a Conference. OL Digital offers best quality FULL HD and 4K corporate film production solutions.

Video Production: Documentary Films 

A documentary is a broad term to describe a non-fiction movie that in some way “documents” or captures reality. Documentaries can be funny, poignant, disturbing, ironic, absurd, inspirational, amusing, shocking or any combination. The format uses video & film scenes, photographs and/or sound of real people and real events which when edited together creates a particular story, viewpoint, message or experience.

Traditionally, documentaries are 30-minutes to 2 hours in length (to fit within a television schedule or for theatrical release). However, documentaries are often shorter in length, especially in recent years with the advent of the Internet and web video.

Documentaries are often used to reveal an unusual, interesting or unknown angle. Documentary filmmakers are often motivated to make their films to tell a story untold or reveal an idea close to their heart or to bring to light an issue of socio cultural or political relevance.  Documentaries are also infused with creative and story telling elements to make it look appealing, also called Docu-features. We at OL Digital offer you a great package of documentary film production services.

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Video Production: E-Learning & Training Videos 

The new kid on the block is the E-learning method. It teaches quite a few things without reading a lot of text. The visual medium gives a first-hand experience of learning to kids as well as adults and professionals worldwide.

Training videos too are very popular on the online medium as companies from gym equipment makers to beauty products and food supplement companies and hotel chains offer short training videos that help them advertise their products and services as well as look better than simply advertising and asking for money for a course or a product straight away.

Video Production: Short Films

We are also in the business of making short films for our respected clients according to their needs. The short films can be used to share and highlight a brand focused message or a social communication in a desired and effective manner. Due to the emergence of video sharing sites and mobile apps, short films are the in thing these days.

Video Production: Creative Videos

Creative videos are those which are crafted to deliver the perfect punch for all types of brand recognition activities and social and cultural messages. These videos are a mix of fact finding and fictional plots to convey what you want to say and or educate the masses about your product, your service or whatever it is that you may want to share with the world. Creative videos need a lot of well, creativity! And that is why you need professionals in the game like OL Digital to help you steer clear waters. Drop in a mail or call us to know how further we can assist you.

Video Production for Digital & Social Media

The rise of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter has been phenomenal both in quality and quantity. People around the world are staying connected via social media and using the digital media in their lives. A small smartphone has become their prime source of entertainment as well as news gathering. Good quality videos are now being appreciated all over the digital and social mediums and hence individuals and corporations alike are hiring experienced and professional agencies for making these videos that can further enhance brand presence and deliver the right message to the target audience. The videos produced thus can be used for digital media circulation and social media circulation. The videos are useful for digital media promotion and social media promotion. This is where you will need Ol Digital to take over your Digital and Social Media Video Production dreams and turn it into reality.

Video Production: TV Commercial (TVC)/TV Spot Production

TVCs or Television Commercials are a staple across the visual medium. Also called TV Spots, these are intelligently crafted videos of short duration which hold the essence to make or break your brand or promotion strategy. Most big collar companies these days try to infuse a social message in their promotional campaigns to look better in the public eye. OL Digital is a pioneer in the market for TV Commercial and TV Spot production. We have a diverse clientele of National and International Organisations, Educational Institutions, Corporate and Government bodies among others like UNICEF, UN Women, UNDP, Save the Children, Odisha Tourism, NALCO, MCL, OMC, CII, NOCCI, FICCI, IMMT, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, India Post, JSPL, IMFA, IPCA, BIPF, HRAO, Swosti Group of Hotels, Empires Group of Hotels, Govt. of Odisha, STPI, KIIT, Birla Global University BGU, CVRGI, RKU, OrissaPOST.

Video Production: Video Profiles/Exclusive Interviews

A good company and an accomplished person needs his story to be showcased before the world. To inspire, educate, aware and teach the world about their failures and success stories both. A well-made video profile of an individual or an organisation works like a charm. You can showcase it at client meetings, conferences, seminars and events et al. It can be an introductory remark at the next business deal or the next round of funding for your start-up.

Similarly, video interviews are a unique way of telling your story and propagating the FAQ about your brand and personality that you would like to share with the world. There are several types of interviews viz; Structured interviews, Panel interviews, Q&A sessions, ask me anything (AMA) interviews, Problem solving or Case interviews to name a few.  These types of video profiles and video interviews are helpful for a varied range of professionals and institutions like Governments, NGOs, Corporate Heads and Corporations, National and international agencies, Health organisations, Hospitals, Educational institutions, Fast Food outlets and Hotel chains, Supermarket supply chains, Beauty, Spa and Wellness industry to note a few. Practically any occupation or enterprise that comes to mind can be made to look better via professionally made video profiles and video features that can immensely help the brand in its image building exercise and drive the company on an upward growth trajectory. OL Digital has been working with a diverse segment of clients and hence knows the success sutra and has been making the right kind of video profiles and video features to help grow your company in stature.

Video Production: LIVE Streaming Videos

OL Digital brings state of the art hassle free and easy to use LIVE Streaming services to Odisha. Any Company, Brand, Organisation or Individuals as well as Corporations can avail the facility of LIVE Streaming their programmes, events, seminars, talks, interviews, conclaves, panel discussions and social activities on their respective Social Media channels and websites. LIVE Streaming service is also provided by OL Digital directly from the event venue. One can use the services of Single Channel as Well as Multi Channel LIVE streaming along with Single Platform and Multi-Platform LIVE Streaming facilities. For any big event or occasion, you can have a multi camera online production to better showcase your event from an all-round perspective and preserve it for eternity.

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Video Production: Video Promos, Trailers and Teasers

OL Digital believes that merely creating a great video does a major chunk of your job not the whole job. Because a video has immense potential if marketed and promoted rightly, OL Digital also understands the need to promote your videos. The company through its various partner channels on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram and associated websites has immense scope and experience in the video production domain. Hence, we serve a great deal in the video promotion domain. You can also have video promos and teasers for your upcoming venture or enterprise to gauge public reaction and design your imaging and brand building exercise accordingly. The company has designed lots of wow teasers and promos and knows the art of giving the right push to your message.

“Video Marketing solidifies your online presence whilst building deep and meaningful relationships with your customers. It adds a personal touch to your brand whilst increasing your conversions!” – Lilach Bullock

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