Best LIVE Streaming Service in Odisha By OL Digital

Best LIVE Streaming Service in Odisha By OL Digital


LIVE Streaming  Service: A Brief Intro

News of any event or gathering of people earlier used to reach people by various means like messengers, pigeons, spies etc. Then with the gradual passage of time, coded messages were being sent via post and telegraph. Another invention which allowed messages to be sent in real time was the telephone where the voice could be heard from any part of the world to a different place on the earth.

Slowly, people felt the need to see more than hear about what happened where and when? This led to the invention of Television and the technology has fast evolved in a big way from movie theatres to video conferencing facilities. Still there was a need to take the vision forward and make the watching experience portable and personal. The visuals were expected to be delivered personally on a global scale rather than nationally in a mass manner. Hence the smartphone developed with a camera and a microphone to capture and share relevant information on a more personal basis.

LIVE Streaming: The Game Changer in Digital Medium

Now, the question remained whether one can actually witness an event or a function in real time without actually being present at the venue or anywhere in rest of the world? The answer was LIVE Streaming. Thus, burst the technology with people watching sports, meetings, national and international gatherings and socio-cultural events LIVE on various devices like mobile, laptop, PC, I-pad etc. So much so that even weddings and birthday parties are now live streamed on social channels for entertainment.

LIVE stream is popular because of the human brain’s want to see things to experience it better and also wanting to have a peek into other’s lives. Live stream has now been incorporated in to various sites starting from YouTube to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to name a few. People even LIVE stream their games on popular platform to teach others on the art of gaming. Popular electronic companies now LIVE Stream their product launches like Smartphones, Electronics, IT Products, games and other things to pique interest of prospective buyers and investors alike. The LIVE Stream allows the company to showcase their products and features real time for all the world to see and in a way experience what is in the bargain.

Live Streaming Service

LIVE Streaming: Why Go LIVE?

Organisations and individuals now want to live stream their products, ideas, pitch meetings and social and business gatherings for a small to a large group of people to gather real audience as well as gauge the pros and cons of their venture.

Not so long ago, LIVE streaming was considered a costly and technical affair. Not so anymore as OL Digital brings LIVE Streaming services to the general public. The group provides end to end cost effective webcasting facilities for various events and occasions.

 You get the opportunity to LIVE Telecast an event of your Office / organization or any socio-cultural function directly on your website and your social media handles. This LIVE streaming service will enable you to make your programme available to audience all over the world via Smartphone, laptop, PC etc.

OL Digital provides cross platform LIVE Streaming Services. You can LIVE stream any Event, Seminar, Talk, Function or Workshop across platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Website etc. LIVE stream can be made available on Client’s website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube handles from the event venue directly. LIVE feed can also be embedded on other relevant websites and social channels as required. People can watch real time LIVE of any event/ programme on their smart phones, other gadgets like Tab, Laptop, Desktop etc. with internet connectivity.

Facebook LIVE Streaming service in Bhubaneswar

 LIVE Streaming: Packages offered by OL Digital

  • OL Digital Offers:
  • Event LIVE Streaming
  • Multi Camera LIVE Stream
  • Single Camera LIVE Stream
  • Web & Social Channel LIVE Stream
  • Single Channel LIVE Stream
  • Multi Channel LIVE Stream

For the organizers and event managers who would also like to Video Document their event apart from LIVE streaming the same, the company provides a combo of both (LIVE stream+ AV Documentation) the services.

“The Best way to build trust amongst your audience is to GO LIVE”

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