Best Content Development and Localization Service in Odisha

Best Content Development and Localization Service in Odisha

Content Development and Content Localization:

A Brief Intro

An increasing number of entities (corporate, non-govt. agency, trust, foundation etc.) are expanding globally with time. Different languages and cultures need to be accommodated to while developing and designing content. OL Digital Content Development & Localization service can help you make this global leap. Whether you need a new content developed & designed or need to adapt and translate existing ones to new language for new geographies, we can handle it for you.

Even the most ingeniously crafted brand messages won’t be effective in every region. Socio-cultural differences can be a surprisingly powerful force. Localizing content with support from native experts helps elevate your communications and build more authentic connections. With more consumers expecting and appreciating personalized messages from businesses they relate with; even subtle localization can noticeably improve audience response.

Not all marketing content is available on websites or apps. The speed and volume at which content is developed and delivered, many companies opt for localization. Companies release blog posts, email campaigns, social media page updates regularly. Marketers want to publish new eBooks, videos, and info-graphics instantly rather than wait for regional variants and here OL Digital comes to your rescue.

Content Development in Odisha

Our Services include

  • Text Documentation of event/ program
  • Content Development & Localization
  • Interpretation
  • Translation
  • Transliteration
  • Transcription
  • Content Editing and Reviews
  • Proof Reading


Content Development & Content Localization:

Text Documentation of Event/Program

Text documentation of the event/program covers documenting and making an elaborate note of a wide range of activities that take place during an event. It involves process documentation and session by session reports of the happening directly from the venue. A team of dedicated individuals is sent to the event venue to capture the proceedings in text and photographs wherever applicable to richly curate the post event happenings that can be used to develop reports, newsletters, communication brochures, leaflets, presentations and other creative and intellectual products to further showcase and promote and preserve the event for the future. OL Digital has worked with organisations like UNICEF, UNDP, NHM and other NGOs and private institutions and corporations for text documentation activities so you know you have come to the right place.

Content Localisation Service in Odisha

Content Development & Localization for Online/Offline Advertisements

Developing content for a website, book, leaflet, blog and other advertising and information sharing needs is a responsible and intellectually enriching task. Knowing what to say and how to say it along with the right time is most important while developing content for the Web, Print and TV mediums. OL Digital is fully equipped to handle content related tasks by virtue of its experienced team of content experts from Print, TV and Web media.

Localization has emerged as a game changer in recent times. Content localization is an integral part of adapting a product for a particular market. Content localization includes UA documentation, which consists of printed documentation, online content, and Help files. One can derive great benefits from content localization like more targeted messaging and higher sales resulting in a win-win situation for the agency as well as the localization firm. Feel free to drop in with your queries at our registered mail and contact numbers.


When an external agency does a research or a post assignment situation analysis and report in a foreign locale, they need interpretation experts to best understand the impact and do a thorough assessment of their product, service or campaign. In such a situation, Interpretation experts from our company have helped a great deal of national and international agencies while rendering our services. We have proudly worked with USAID, UNICEF and other regional and national brands on various interpretation exercises.


Developing content sometimes turns out to be a difficult task especially at very short notice. So, brands and individuals sometimes prefer to translate and transcribe their original work done previously. It is then that the content has to reshaped keeping in mind the originals as well as the desired touch of regional and area specific form. Translation and transcription also entails literary and intellectual works that can be represented in art, culture, architecture and knowledge-based fields.

Content Editing

Content editing focuses on what will make the substance of the text more comprehensible based on the subjective assessment of the client.  The process often requires changes related to ease of understanding and functionality. Content editing emphases on the general conceptual intent, content, organization, and writing style of the text in consideration.  Content editing can require effort beyond that of basic copy editing, and in particular demands editorial judgement, because guidelines are often less strict.  It requires the entire document to be conceptually edited, requiring a scope broader than that of specific diction or syntax. This could mean reorganizing sections or restructuring the document as a whole.

Effective content editing can allow a confusing document to be more clear and precise, as well as easier to read. Content edits not only allow an improvement in readability, but also visual appeal. Tables, graphs, and placement of images can be components of effective content editing as well.

Content editing is a type of technical writing used not only in technical environments, such as manual or guide writing, but also used in academic and professional settings. It is used by students, professors, as well as professional writers. Additional applications include resume writing, grant writing, and research.

Proof Reading

Proofreading is a very important ingredient of producing a great written document, and it takes a great deal of knowledge and patience to proofread a document effectively. Proofreading is a critical part of the writing process that involves experts scrutinizing a written document in order to identify and rectify grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary errors. Good writing always involves modification and revision, and proofreading is a fundamental part of this process. People need proof-readers in order to be sure that their work does not contain any mistakes. Proof-readers generally have one main objective: to ensure that a written document is absolutely perfect in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

In order to do this, they verify accuracy in the following areas:

  • Sentence structure
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Consistency
  • Numbers
  • Formatting

Proof reading service in Odisha

Proofreading is the very last step in the writing process. However, just because it comes last, does not mean that it is the least important. Proofreading ensures that the document is completely free of errors and polished to a high standard.

Our proof-readers take their roles very seriously and many of them will complete several “passes” through a paper in order to ensure that they have found and corrected all typographical errors, incorrect punctuation, spelling mistakes and inaccurate words.


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