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Video has become an important communications tool for corporations and individuals all over the world. The power of digital communication allows your message to be seen, heard and absorbed through audio visual means. Combining the value of LIVE Stream with the immense reach of internet and mobile technology helps deliver your messages right to the audiences screen.

LIVE stream can be made available on Client’s website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube handles from the event venue directly. LIVE feed can also be embedded on other relevant websites and social channels as required. People can watch real time LIVE of any event/ programme on their smart phones, other gadgets like Tab, Laptop, Desktop etc. with internet connectivity.

OdishaLIVE Offers

  • Event LIVE Streaming
  • Multi Camera LIVE Stream
  • Single Camera LIVE Stream
  • Web & Social Channel LIVE Stream
  • Single Channel LIVE Stream
  • Multi Channel LIVE Stream

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